GOO.N Diaper (Assorted Sizes)

by GOO.N
# 4902011854909

Speed Ventilation Quickly get rid of it!

Quickly inhale a pee. 

Because the pee does not remain on the diaper surface, the skin is smooth and comfortable right away! 
The dents in the sheet absorb moisture and reduce the spread of loose cheeks. 
● Mesh kicks out the crumbs Speed venting sheet A
full venting sheet that squeezes out the crumbs in the diaper quickly, so squeezing is difficult. 
● Skin-friendly Soft and soft material
Delicate baby-friendly skin. Soft and soft from the inside of the diaper to the outside. 

We reduce odor to be worried about after usingabsorber with deodorization function. 
● Peeing notice mark If you get
wet, the line turns blue and you will be notified of the pee. 
※ In humid places, the color may change before use, but there is no problem with use.
※ Absorbent may appear blue when it has been wet for a long time.

for newborn baby to 5 kg 
S ... 4 kg to 8 kg 
M: 6 kg to 11 kg 
L: 9 kg to 14 kg 

【How to use it well】
1. Make sure that the solid gather is standing. (You stand easily with your fingers.) 
2. Spread your legs in an M-shape, and hold them with the gather extended. For the belly, please place one finger. 
3. In order to increase the adhesive strength of the tape, hold the tape from the top and pull the root slightly outward. 
4. Pull up the diaper and make sure that the solid gather fits around the foot. 

Surface material: polyolefin nonwoven 
water absorbent material: cotton-like pulp absorbent paper polymeric water absorbent 
waterproof material: polyolefin film 
fastening material: Polyolefin 
stretchable material: Polyurethane 
binder: styrene synthetic resin or the like 

- children Keep the diaper out of the reach of children to avoid putting it in the mouth. 
・ Do not place the product in a hot place such as near a heater.
・ The polymeric water absorbent inside the disposable diaper becomes jelly-like particles when it absorbs moisture, but it is safe to touch the skin of a child. 
・ Because it is a disposable diaper, please do not wash. If you accidentally wash it, the contents of the paper diaper may stick to other clothing, but in that case, please wash it off with water enough. 
・ Please change dirty diapers frequently. 
-Please do not put the tape directly on your skin. 

[Processing method after use] 
-Please clean up the toilet attached the stool attached to the paper diaper. 
・ Please round the dirty part inside and handle it so as not to be unsanitary. 
・ Don't throw away your disposable diapers in the bathroom. 
・ Please be careful about the storage place so as not to put it in the mouth accidentally or to get in your throat, and handle it immediately after use. 
・ Let's take home disposable diapers when going out. 
・ Please follow the rules of your area for disposal of disposable diapers after use. 

[Precautions on storage] 
-After opening, please keep hygienic to prevent dust and insects from entering. 

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