Cybex Solution B-Fix - Volcano Black 521002901

by Cybex
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Solution B-Fix

Solution B-Fix is minimalistic, extremely lightweight and equipped with key features like L.S.P., latch connections and a height-adjustable headrest.

Solution B-Fix

The car seat is a group 2/3 car seat for children from 4 years and at least 18kg (40lbs), that attaches to the vehicle with latches for extra safety and stability.

Latch-Connect System

Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System)

12-position height-adjustable headrest

Extremely lightweight

Adjustable backrest

Solution B-Fix - Functions

  • Latch-Connect System: This car seat is equipped with our Latch-Connect System for an easy installation as well as extra stability and safety.
  • Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System): The L.S.P.-System absorbs the impact forces early on, effectively protecting the head and upper body in a side-impact collision.
  • 12-position height-adjustable headrest: The adjustable headrest offers 12 positions for customized adjustment as your child grows.
  • Extremely lightweight: Allows an easy change between vehicles and puts less strain in your back.
  • Adjustable backrest: Perfectly adjusts to the vehicle seat for improved safety.


15 - 36 kg


From approx. 3 up to 12 years

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