Bugaboo Bee3 Seat Fabric


Part#: 20191


Personalize your Bugaboo Bee3 stroller with a completely new seat fabric. Strong and durable plus easy to install and remove, it's perfect for customizing your stroller as you usher in a newborn, the changing of the season, or for a refreshing new look.

  • Seat Fabric is designed for exclusive use with the Bugaboo Bee3 and is perfect for refreshing the look of your stroller for a different season, a new addition to the family, or just to spice things up for a change 
  • Not compatible with other Bugaboo Bee strollers
  • Great way to customize and personalize your little one's ride
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Made of strong and durable polyester fabric
  • Machine washable

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