Bravado Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra Coral Lace 38ddd(f)/g

by Bravado
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# 807978034484


The Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra - What You'll Love:

  • Proprietary Dynatex™ fabric combines the soft, breathability of cotton against moms' skin, with the luxury of lace, all in one
  • Lovely floral lace is flat, making it perfect to wear under the lightest of fabrics
  • Seamless and wire-free for moms' ultimate comfort, the Elegant Embrace provides generous support
  • Natural cup shape and low V-neck styling make wearing any top and neckline easy
  • Complimentary extender and bra conversion kit included
  • Proprietary easy open & close clips
  • Full drop-away bra cups so important for skin to skin contact 

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