Babymoov Digital Humidifier

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Bronchitis, conjunctivitis, colds…These annoying ailments disrupt baby's sleep. The digital humidifier purifies the air in the room and limits the amount of dust and pollen in your baby's bedroom.

  • Programming the relative humidity level at the desired time
  • Selection of the relative humidity level: automatic adjustment from 30 to 90 % humidity > Cold steam emission (ultrasound) with adjustable output
  • Rotating steam outlet (360°) > Nightlight function with independent red and blue LED lights (on/off)
  • Stops automatically when the water level is insufficient
  • It is very easy to adjust via its LCD screen which can be blocked, and has a removable essential oil diffuser.
  • Capacity: 2.5 l
  • Autonomy: from 8 hrs to 22 hrs (depending on setting)
  • Vaporisation: from 170 to 250 ml/hr

Dimension22,5 x 26 cm

Steam production ratefrom 170 to 250 ml/h

Power220V - 240V - 0 Hz

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