Adiri MD+ Medicine Delivery Nurser

#: 881248004582

Adiri MD+ Medicine Delivery Nurser 

Give your baby the right dose of medicine along with their milk in the Nurser they love. 

Easy medicine delivery 
The Adiri MD+ makes it easy for you give your baby the proper dose of medicine because it’s delivered along with his milk in a familiar, breast-like bottle. Just fill the syringe, insert into the bottle, and watch baby drink the milk they crave and the medicine they need. 

medical design 
Making sure your baby gets the right amount of medicine has never been easier. The MD+ delivers your baby’s medicine using a syringe inserted into the bottle. Our dual chamber nipple keeps milk and medicine separate until it reaches baby’s mouth for smooth, complete delivery, even in the dark. 

The MD+® Nurser is the newest innovation from Adiri®. Designed with our NxGen® Nurser in mind, the MD+® Nurser took the advantages of a bottle-feeding system and integrated it with the capability of medicine delivery. Along with advice from practitioners, scientists, lactation consultants, cutting edge designers and engineers, this new type of medicine delivery system was designed with mom in mind. The Adiri® MD+® Nurser supplies the most efficient medicine delivery system available today. 

Features and Benefits 
PP plastic and 100% medical grade Silicone inner tube allows for ease of medicine delivery 
Medicine and liquid remain separate until reaching baby's mouth which prevents dilution and unwanted mixing 
Removable syringe allows visible reading of accurate dosage delivered to baby 
Bottom vented, one-way Petal® valve offers consistent air flow reducing possibility of colic 
Soft Medical Grade Silicone Nipple that is ideal in shape and size 
Bottle disassembles into 5 convenient pieces for ease of cleaning 
Dishwasher safe (top rack only) 
Designed for 0-18 months of age 
Available in 4 oz. (118 ml) 
Made from PP plastic and 100% Medical Grade Silicone