Lug Cub Cap Agent Boots Chocolate Brown

#: 880479203115
$5.97 $9.99

Meet the Team!

The Undercover Bears are an elite group - a formidable and furry force. Their mission is simple, but its completion is key: The UCBs help those in need. This ten-bear super squad is made up of cuddly individuals, with strengths that vary with their hue. From red for love to purple for hope and every color in between, each bear's unique assets make up a mighty team - a rainbow of talents to match every personality. Tagging along with these big bears are the curious little Cub Caps. Cute and cuddly and always eager to help, the cubs are the UCBs perfect companions. Whether embarking on a journey to a faraway land or tackling a local mission, the UCBs, along with their cute Cub Caps, are always ready, bringing love, strength, and good fortune when you need some extra cover.

Dimensions: 9.125"w x 7.5"h