Halo SwaddleChange Changing Pad Cover

#: 818771029607
$14.97 $24.99

The NEW HALO® SwaddleChange™ changing pad cover is the greatest invention since, well, the HALO® SleepSack® wearable blanket! Made of cuddly soft Velboa fabric, it features an attached and adjustable swaddle wrap for soothing newborns during diaper changing, and keeping older babies’ hands and bodies “under control” while lying on the pad for changing (no more wrestling matches!). Fits most contour changing pads with elastic all around, and ample gussets for secure fit. Has openings for any changing pad’s safety belt; do not leave baby unattended.

  • For babies birth to 1 year
  • Machine wash with like colors.  Close fastener strips before laundering.
  • 100% polyester


Important Safety Information: The swaddle wrap is not a safety belt.  ALWAYS buckle your changing pad's safety belt around your child BEFORE your wrap your child's arms in the swaddle wrap.  Only use the SwaddleChange™ with a changing pad that complies with with ASTM Standard F2388.  Do not allow the swaddle wrap to cover your baby's face.  Do not use as a sleep aid.  Never leave your child unattended while using this product.