Stokke Table Top

by Stokke
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Stokke® Table Top is so much more than a tray. It is a games room, a classroom and a canteen: a place for your baby to play, learn and eat. Because the table is not just a place for adults, it’s somewhere for younger children and babies to share, connect and take their rightful place alongside the rest of the family.
Spills will happen. Stokke® Table Top allows your child to enjoy meals with you making sure that any little mishap remains a little mishap. Stokke® Table Top is easily wiped clean, has a spilling rail just in case and is held in place by suction cups. Stokke® Table Top has six different templates that can be inserted under the transparent tray. The pictures are great tools for interaction and bonding between you and your child. All backdrops are designed in collaboration with pedagogues. Stokke® Table Top is the perfect surface to experiment with drawing, painting and any other play that will help your child in their development.

Pattern may vary.

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