Roommates Dotted Tree Wall Appliques

# 034878874661

The ultimate trendy deco for any nursery or kids room. At over five feet tall, this stylish tree will brighten any kid's space... although it wouldn't look bad in a bedroom or office, either! Comes in several pieces so you can create your own design. And because RoomMates remove and reposition easily, you can try many variations until you've grown the tree of your dreams. Includes a few birds and butterflies to give your scene a sweet, natural touch. 

This product is printed on opaque material for optimum color brightness. Suitable for any wall color

  • 2 sheets of 40 in. X 18 in.
  • 1 sheet of 40 in. X 9 in.
  • Assembled tree 48 in. X 68 in.

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