Tiny Love Tiny Smart Jitter Raccoon

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Cute on-the-go soft raccoon toy
  • Charming on the go raccoon clip-toy with jittery feedback that stimulates the senses and helps develop fine motor skills
  • Toy includes an all-smiles, soft raccoon "daddy" and little raccoon "baby" teether
  • Engaging high-contrast basic colors especially appropriate for young babies
0-12 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses
0-2 months
Hold the raccoon around 10 inches away from your baby's face and, after baby's gaze focuses on the toy, slowly move it from side to side.
2-4 months
Baby randomly reaches out with her hand to touch the raccoon toy, causing the toy to swing and move.
The baby raccoon teether is a wonderful feature for baby's enhanced oral exploration at this stage and later on.
4-6 months
Baby’s grasp reflex disappears and her hand-control improves, allowing her to reach out confidently and pull the toy to make it jitter.


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