Tiny Love Crinkly Raccoon

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Playing peek-a-boo with your baby contributes to her understanding of the world. Object permanence develops through peek-a-boo games, which show babies that a thing is still there even if it is hidden from sight.

  • Cute light-weight clip-toy that is perfect as a take-along
  • Double-sided peek-a-boo toy with black and white images
  • Adorable all-smiles expression and basic patterns designed especially for young babies
  • Crinkly, textured body helps stimulate tactile senses and develop fine motor skills

0-1 months

Hold the Crinkly Raccoon at a distance of 10-12 inches from your baby and give her some time to try and focus on its features.

1-3 months

Let baby explore the toy and enjoy the crinkly feedback.

3-6 months

Use the peek-a-boo feature to play with your baby, hiding and then revealing the cute raccoon. This will help baby slowly grasp the idea of object permanence.

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