Stonz Booties Plus Foam - Elephant Slate Blue


Part#: 628631000093

Fall 2016 brings Stonz new Toddler Booties with the addition of a new durable, waterproof and recyclable sole. These new PLUSfoam soles are coupled with Stonz existing water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper to create a versatile three-season Bootie for little feet looking to stay active. For colder weather, you can also layer up with the Sherpa-fleece Linerz.

  • Skid-resistant and lightweight PLUSfoam sole, made from 100% recyclable materials

  • Water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper

  • Two adjustable toggles to provide a personalized fit

  • Soft fleece lining

  • For Fall, Winter and Spring – Just layer up or down



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