Giraffe Baby Multiple Functional Anti-Slip Suction Pad

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 Giraffe Baby Multiple Functional Anti-Slip Suction Pad

The amazing GiraffeBaby® Suction Pad grips bowls and plates firmly where they should stay. No more flying saucers!  Our Suction Pad works with all our plates and bowls, holding them firmly in place using a suction device in the middle of the pad that prevents your little one from moving, throwing or even tipping them up, making mealtimes a lot less messy


Special Features

  • Sticks to all flat surfaces

  • Easy to use and wipe clean

  • Holds bowls and plates in place

  • Prevents mess and spills at mealtimes

  • Dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer safe

  • Refrigerator safe

  • BPA-free

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