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An ideal night light for your little ones! It has been designed by a parent to help both parents and children get a better nights sleep. The low heat LEDs can be dimmed and it has a remote control to change its colour and set the sleep and timer functions. It has a long life and a safe 12v power supply.

• Lights up in white or use the remote to choose from 12 beautiful LED colours
• Dimmer function which controls 4 levels of brightness
• Sleep button automatically lower brightness to low levels that are perfect for sleeping 1 hour timer which turns the night light off after a period of time
• Press the rainbow button to gently cycle through all the colours
• Side-lamp feature which activates the light in pure white at the brightest level

About Aloka

Originally the Aloka Sleepy Lights come from Australia, developed by Michael Atkinson (Lumenico Ltd.). Since 2013 we are the exclusive distributor for Aloka Sleepy Lights in Germany, France and Benelux (Europe).

We have started with 16 different models, but meanwhile the collection contains already over 30 lamps and keeps growing continuously.

The hippest night light that your child can imagine! Safe and long life due to the LED lights, with a cool remote control to determine the color to dim night light on this and many more features. The latest trend for the kidsroom.

The Aloka Sleepy Lights is a special lamp with many colours. Use the remote to change colour, adjust brightness, set timer, and lots more! SLEEP for minimum brightness, TIMER to turn off the light automatically after 1 hrs, RAINBOW to gently cycle through colors and SIDE LAMP for pure white at brightest level.

Innovatieve kenmerken: Colour changing dimmable LED’s | No bulbs or batteries to changeEnergy efficient, long life LED’sSafe low voltage 5v powerMade from resilient acrylic | Smart plat pack design | Low heat LED’s

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