Cilek Gti Car Bed - Black

by Cilek
# 4000011
Wireless Remote Controller

4 cool racing modes include Engine Start, Accelerate, Cruise and Underbody Lights. The remote also comes with a 'horn' button.

LED Head & Fog Lights

Latest technology LED head & fog lights for an animated engine start. Lights can also be used as a 'nightlight' in Cruise Mode.

Safety Windows (Railings)

Shatter resistant, %100 safe acrylic windows function as safety railings on each side.

Wheel Light & Animations

Wheels with brake calipers and LED animated lights give a stunning show with sound and light effects when initiated with 'Acceleration' mode on the remote.

Soft Interior Padding & Twin Mattress (Included)

Easy to clean, soft faux leather interior paddings give an extra layer of comfort and protection while sleeping. Custom shaped Twin Foam Mattress is included with GTI Car Bed.

Headboard with Sports Seats

Perfect for resting and reading, the upholstered faux leather seats headboard delivers a real car experience with superb quality details like Italian style stitching and 'Cilek' embossed head rests.

Portable Music Player (Included)

Listen to music wirelessly on or off the bed. The music player is Bluetooth compatible and has USB and Micro SD inputs.


Product Dimensions

Depth : 230,6 cm
Height : 80,2 cm
Width : 127,5 cm

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