Janod Story Box-Fire

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Create a fire station rescue scene anytime, anywhere.

Set up the fire station with the box that doubles as the station. But oh no! A fire has broken out!

Fortunately, a big crew of firefighters, their vehicles and special equipment are here to help!

Quick! Drive over the firetruck! Raise the working firetruck cherry picker to save the injured citizen from the window. Send in the fire dog to sniff out any other citizens in distress.

Ready the fire hydrant, set up the ladder, and put out the fire as the hospital helicopter comes in for a landing!

These toys might be made entirely of wood, but they sure know how to put out a fire.

With the Story Box Firefighters set, children's imaginations ignite with creativity.

Story Box Firefighters

  • Set of wooden fire trucks and figures
  • Encourages fine motor skills and imaginative play
  • Solid wood toys create fascinating avenues for creativity
  • Features fire truck with working cherry picker
  • Helicopter propeller spins
  • Includes fire station, fire, ladder, street light, fire dog, fire hydrant, 3 firemen, fire chief, injured citizen, road cone, fire chief's car, firetruck, hospital helicopter
  • Box doubles as fire station
  • Cardboard package heavy duty - highly durable
  • 15 Pieces beautifully detailed
  • Made entirely of wood
  • Strong and durable

Recommened Minimum Age - 3 years old