Sophie La Giraffe So Pure Soft Rubber

by Vulli
# 3056562201222


Vulli So Pure Soft Rubber

Made from 100% organic textile, and from 100% natural rubber, it limits allergic risks for Baby.

Included: A teething ring with Sophie la girafe’s image!

Perfect to relieve Baby’s sore gums!

Both healthy and natural for Baby, it has lots of part to chew (ears, horns, ring, neck), for Baby’s greatest enjoyment!

Smart, it offers two textures to relieve Baby.

Some dark and contrasting spots to stimulate Baby’s sight.

A comforter for cuddling moments and the first separations...

To vary the feeling of touch, it has a velvet side and a jersey side.

Various patterns to stimulate baby’s sight.

Light and easy to grasp for tiny hands.

Machine washable at 30°C

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