Shadez Sunglasses Accessories Set S/M

by Shadez
# 083351587079

From now on, your kid’s Shadez will be protected and smudge-free thanks to this accessories pack! Resistant and stylish, the accessories case will protect the sunglasses while you are on the run. The Accessory Pack comes with a very resistant box, a strap that keeps the sunglasses secure and a cleaning cloth made out of cotton. It is the best way to complete your Shadez trendy look while protecting your fashion sunglasses. During the day or at night, this will be the best option to secure them.

  • Nice cleaning cloth made out of cotton
  • Secure strap to keep the sunglasses on your kid’s head
  • Strong case to resist all kind of shocks
  • Easy to carry for all your activities
  • Complete the Shadez trendy look

Two sizes: S/m for Baby and Junior sunglasses and L for Teeny ShadeZ.

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