Cloud B Sleep Sheep Essentials Gift Set

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Use sight, sound and touch to soothe your sweetie to sleep!

Underneath their fluffy white wool, these three sweet sheep have some sleepy-time tricks for soothing little ones into slumber. Together, they are a must-have multi-sensory product collection based on pediatric research demonstrating that certain aspects of sight, sound, and touch are all vital to achieving peaceful, deeper sleep. Plus, they’re perfect play-time pals, too!

Sleep Sheep is the original, award-winning plush with a hidden sound machine that plays white noise to help calm and comfort children to sleep. Playing soft sounds of nature or the reassuring sound of a mother’s heartbeat, Sleep Sheep is the perfect companion for a relaxing, restful night and it safely attaches to your baby’s crib with a convenient velcro strap.

Twilight Buddies™ Sheep is a cute, cuddly companion that eases fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto bedroom ceilings and walls. So much more than a typical nightlight, this interactive and educational toy includes 3 real constellations within the star pattern. Parents can enhance bedtime routines and nurture family bonds by sitting with their children and identifying these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Star Guide.

Baby Sheep Rattle is great for quiet play and convenient comfort on-the-go. These petite plush pals are specially designed for developing little fingers to grab onto and the dampened sound of our ‘quiet’ rattle helps keep parents calm.