Sassy Teethe & Twirl Sensation Station

#: 037977806809

Age: 6+ Months

  • Encourages baby to make believe & imitate adults
    - Phone flips open and closed encouraging fine motor skills
    - 4 colorful buttons "talk" to baby to develop cause-and-effect awareness
    - Light in center attracts baby's attention and offers visual stimulus
    Stimulate baby's sense of touch & teach him to recognize new objects with the different materials and surfaces on this station
  • Soft surfaces encourage mouthing, aiding in the development of communication skills
  • Spinning Ferris wheel provides a higher level of visual tracking & encourages baby to reach, tug, & bat, strengthening hand-eye coordination
  • 2-in-1 toy can be suctioned to a table or high chair tray, or removed from the base for floor play