La Millou Adult Blanket XL 140*200cm - Princess Powder Pink

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# 2023050402
An extremely soft coverlet. Made of high quality cotton on both sides. The lightweight, anti-allergic polyester filling has great thermal qualities, is breathable and doesn't retain humidity - all of those characteristic are translated into better sleep for the child and you. Made of the highest quality, attested cotton. All coverlet are sewn with a decorative stitch by hand, which gives it a unique and interesting look.We promote the „ready to use” bedding fashion trend: the filling is sewn into the bedding, which means that it can be machine-washed without sacrificing, or damaging its form and quality. You will always be using 100% clean bedding - which is of special importance to those of us with allergies. The market today is dominated by products which only allow you to wash the sheets and linen - not the actual bedding itself – we want to change this and encourage washing everything. The product can be mixed and matched to your liking from an array of patterns and designs.

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