Medela Sonata Double Pumping Kit

#: 020451330044


Sonata Double Pumping Kit By Medela 

The Medela Sonata Double Pumping Kit is made for use with the Medela Sonata breast pump. It includes essential Sonata components to use between cleaning sessions and while away from home. The Medela pumping kit features a micro-steam bag to clean accessories like nipples and bottles within minutes. Steam sterilization kills germs and bacteria. Use it to disinfect pacifiers as well. It also includes breast shields and breast shield connectors as well as disposable nursing pads. Other essential parts include connector caps and valves. The breast pumping kit comes with a drawstring bag to keep items organized when not in use. 
Medela Sonata Double Pumping Kit: 
Includes essential Sonata components for convenience and use between cleaning sessions and while away from home 
Made with the quality materials and workmanship you expect and trust, only from Medela 
Complete tubing, two breast shields, two breast shield connectors, two connector caps, two valves, drawstring storage bag and eight disposable nursing pads 
Keep clean parts on hand with the Medela pumping kit 

Includes essential Sonata components 
Complete tubing, 
2 breast shields, 
2 breast shield connectors, 
2 connector caps, 
2 valves, 
drawstring storage bag 
8 disposable nursing pads